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11 Quick Cleaning Tips that Will Make Your Day


Cleaning TipsA clean home is something everyone wants, but most people don’t really like doing the actual cleaning. And that’s okay because you can still manage to make your home spotless without putting that much effort or time into it. Who knew, right? Here are the 11 tips that will make your home cleaning a lot more fruitful and a lot less time-consuming.

#1 Practice Makes Perfect

In cleaning that translates into “stick to a system”. Make up a cleaning patter and stick to it if you want to shave off a some time of your cleaning routine. That’s how the most domestic cleaning companies out there operate, so it sounds like the smart thing to do.

#2 Clean Your Kitchen Clockwise

In most houses the dirties place in the kitchen is the stove, so begin your kitchen cleaning starting at the right side of your stove and work your way around the room. Doing that will allow you to clean it thoroughly and will prevent you from spreading grime and grease from the stove and the extractor.

#3 Clean the Oven

Oven CleaningYour oven gets a lot of wear daily, so quite naturally, it would require special attention if you want it working the way it should. The simplest way to do that is by placing a nonstick ovenliner at the bottom. That way you can just wipe the grease from the ovenliner and save a lot of time on scrubbing it.

#4 Sink Duty

It’s a little know fact that your sink is actually dirtier than your toilet. Yes, it might be hard for you to believe that, but it’s a proven fact. So needless to say, disinfecting your kitchen sink regularly is a must. You can do that very quickly by using and EPA disinfectant.

#5 Microfiber Cloth

Instead of spending a fortune on paper towels, use microfibre cloths. They are reusable, cheap, and do an amazing job cleaning and sanitising just about every surface in your home.

#6 Clean the Dirt as it Happens

It’s important to do the cleaning right away instead of leaving it for later. That way you will remove it a lot easier and won’t let the filth build up.

#7 Replace the Sponge

SpongeAt some point the sponge just can’t take any more dirt and becomes a breeding ground for bacteria. That’s why you need to sanitise it daily by squeezing it well and microwaving it for about a minute. And replace it every one or two weeks.

#8 Make Your Bed

It might seem small and unimportant, but making your bed makes the entire bedroom look neat and tidy. The easy way to do it is to pull the sheet up to your chin when you wake up and slide under the cover. That’s the half of the work done right there.

#9 Keep Your Supplies at Hand

Get a bucket or a caddy and stack every cleaning supply and tool in there. That way you won’t waste time on looking for everything you need. Plus, you can easily carry the bucket around the house with you.

#10 Extension Cords

Extension CordDon’t you just hate it when you have to unplug the vacuum and plug it again because the cable is to short. Don’t waste your time and invest in an extension cord.

#11 Tackle the Clutter

It would be a lot easier for you to do the cleaning if there’s no clutter around to slow you down. So try not to leave things at random places around the house. You can also make each family member responsible for arranging their stuff so that the house stays clutter-free.

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