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5 Tips To Survive Spring Cleaning


While the crazy part of the world is pulling out the eskimo suits from the back of the wardrobe, us Aussies are a few steps away from the surfing season.

But before you go hunt that big kahuna, you might want to make sure everything around the house is shipshape. Spring cleaning is a lot of work, but instead of shoving it under the carpet (or deciding to hire professional cleaners to do it for you) out of fear from the workload, just follow our tips and you’ll be right as rain.

1. Eat Fruit & Vegetables

During the colder season, our body usually scoffs at vitamins in favour of more fatty food, like an overweight child presented with kale. It only makes sense, because you need more energy to keep warm and stocking up on body fat helps with that. Not incidentally at all, this is also the reason for spring fatigue.

Whether you live in a freezing cold and pricey U.S. city like Chicago, or a sunny spot in Australia, the colder season our body usually scoffs at vitamins in favour of more fatty food, like an overweight child presented with kale.

Thankfully, we live in times when “candlelight” is only used in female shower gel descriptions, so fresh veggies and fruit are available throughout the year. Fill up on vitamins and put more plant fibre in your diet and you’ll kickstart your body in a matter of days.

2. Take Care of Your Tools

Before you start the battle with dust and grime make sure that your weapons are maintained. Open your vacuum cleaner and wipe it thoroughly. If it uses disposable bags – change the container. Make sure that suck-beast will figuratively roar when you plug it in. Having a smoothly running vacuum at your side will cut down on the effort required significantly. Don’t forget your other armaments too. Wash any and all brooms, brushes, mops, etc. Consider getting some new ones if yours seem like they are ready to join the choir invisible.

3. Declutter Before The Clean

People are defined by their stuff and it should be the other way around. We all have hoarder tendencies to some degree. Knowing is half the battle. So before you start cleaning your home, consider clearing up as much space as you can first. It will make it much more painless. Organize your magazines, DVDs, china doll collection, knick-knacks, and doovalackies. Go over your clothes even. If you concentrate on the task you’ll find that you keep many items that don’t do anything but eat up space. Don’t throw away anything, please! Give your soul some vitamins too by donating unneeded items.

4. Don’t Do It At Once

You’ve got a lot of work to do if you want it done right, so you’ll be better off breaking it in steps instead of burning a whole restless weekend on it. You’ll generally want to start with sweeping and vacuuming everything, then wiping down surfaces, then detailing. How you schedule it is entirely up to you, but remember to move from big to small. Remember that it is generally better to wait for an overcast day to clean your windows. This way you can more easily see the grime on the glass and the detergent won’t dry up and leave streaks before you can soak it up.

5. Remember To Have Fun

It’s true that cleaning is a repetitive activity, but that doesn’t mean it has to be daunting. Do you know what else is a repetitive activity? Games! Yup. So what I want you to take from this is stuff are what we call them. Cleaning can get you that sweet summer body if you do it enough. Yes, all of our cleaners are shredded like Olympian gods.

Please, don’t quote or sue me over that statement.
So blast your music, grab a broom, and get footloose!

woman dancing while cleaning

Just not like this. She’s barely cleaning.

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