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Why would you install timber flooring


People prefer timber flooring for various reasons. If you want to decorate your home in a traditional way, then you can use timber flooring and you do not need to use any carpet or tiles on your wooden floor. Carpets can accumulate dust and they can spread some infections in your home, which will make your rooms unhygienic and dirty. You need to spend a lot on carpet cleaning. On the other part, cleaning the tiles and their grout can be a daunting task. You can simply avoid such hassles by choosing timber flooring.

6 Benefits of Choosing Timber Flooring for your Home

Hardwood floors can make your rooms bigger and you can add an aesthetic look to your rooms by using such hardwood flooring. Apart from that, there are various benefits of wooden flooring available and some of them are stated below.

Easy to clean

Wooden floors are easy to clean, and you can use your vacuum cleaner to clean your wooden floor on regular basis. You can remove the stains, dust and dirt from your floor by steam cleaning. Wooden floors do not get affected by dust mites and pet dander and you can keep your floor clean. You do not need to use any carpets or rugs on your floor, which will save your maintenance cost.


Solid wooden floors are durable, and they can last for years. It is true that wooden floors are prone to scratches and stains, but you can easily remove such scratches by regular cleaning. If you maintain your timber flooring in a perfect way, then you can use your floor for 10-15 years.

Good for health

If you or your family members suffer from allergy or asthma, then you cannot use any carpets on your floor. These rugs can accumulate a huge amount of dust, which cause breathing problems. In this case, you must install wooden floors only. Wooden floors can keep your rooms safe from dust, animal dander, pollen and microorganisms, and you can keep your family healthy. It will improve the air quality of your indoor area and you do not need to install an air purifier for your rooms.

Increase property value

Such solid wooden floors will increase the resale value of your property. If you have a plan to sell your property in future, then you will get a great value for your wooden floor.

Goes with all type of interiors

You can decorate your home in a modern style, or you can decorate your rooms in a traditional way, you can install wooden floors in any themes. Wooden floors are available in different shades and you can easily match the colour of your floor with your walls. Decorating rooms with wooden floor, mirrors and wall art can change the overall appearance of your home. You can also use such timber flooring on high traffic area, and it can bear the heavy foot traffic.


Carpets can fade away over time and you need to change them every year. Apart from that, they can get affected by wear and tear. But wooden floors cannot fade away and you can laminate your floor to make it durable and long-lasting. Installing timber flooring seems to be an expensive deal, but you can save your maintenance cost in future. Apart from that, you can install the wooden floor on your existing concrete surface, and you do not need to change your floor completely. On the other part, you need to spend a huge amount on installing times and stones. So, save your cost and install a wooden floor in your home.

For installing timber flooring, you need to hire the best contractor. In this case, you can search for such contractors online and check their reviews.

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