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Cleaning Innovations Part Two – Winbot


A few days ago I read that since 1990s the ability of human beings to innovate has significantly dropped. To put it crudely, we invent less cool stuff. But is that really the case? I would say no. Why? We live in the most exciting times in human history. You want evidence? Mobile technology, self driving cars and we're on the brink of airspace travels and artificial intelligence. These and much more have made our lives a lot easier, yet we're constantly in a rush. Trying to balance our lives, our jobs, and among all else, our domestic... Read more

Cleaning Innovations Part One – Xeros Washing Machine


Cutting bills, making cleaning easier and quicker. Sounds like a dream to me so I'm trully and utterly ecstatic whenever something that does that comes out. Apparently I don't need much to be happy. What I'm trying to do here is introduce the new Xeros washing machine. What makes the Xeros so awesome? Compared to your regular washing machine, this one can cut water consumption by up to 80%. That means a lot of cash saved on water bills, but th environmental aspect must also be taken into account. On top of that, it uses a lot less washing... Read more

How Music Makes Cleaning Feel like a Breeze


By now most of you who read this blog regularly would pretty well know that I, let's say, strongly dislike cleaning. (There's the understatement of the year.) Yet cleaning is something that is always on the agenda of every household. That's right, I also try to keep the house clean, or at least keep it tidy when guests come visit. And however strange it may sound, I somehow manage to get it done. Here's how I get through the burden of cleaning. The one and only thing that keeps me going when I start doing the tedious chores is... Read more

11 Quick Cleaning Tips that Will Make Your Day


A clean home is something everyone wants, but most people don't really like doing the actual cleaning. And that's okay because you can still manage to make your home spotless without putting that much effort or time into it. Who knew, right? Here are the 11 tips that will make your home cleaning a lot more fruitful and a lot less time-consuming. #1 Practice Makes Perfect In cleaning that translates into "stick to a system". Make up a cleaning patter and stick to it if you want to shave off a some time of your cleaning routine. That's how the... Read more

How to Prep Your Home Before Leaving for a Vacation


Going on a vacation soon? You must be pretty anxious about, well, about everything. Plane tickets, itineraries, passports, hotels, and so on. But all that is manageable because you're always thinking about it. Hence, the possibility of something slipping your mind are slim to none. So don't worry about that. What you're probably missing, however, is preparing your home before you leave for your trip. You didn't think of that, did you? But rest assured, here's how to keep your home neat and safe while you're away. #1 Pre/Post Holiday House... Read more

Clean up Your House and Make Money While You’re at it


Do you want some extra cash in your pocket? It's so easy, just declutter your home. You can get rid of things you don't need anymore by selling them at a garage sale, Ebay, or on Craigslist. The junk you no longer have use for could be a real treasure for someone else. It's hard to declutter because you look at items that you don't need and remember how much energy or time they cost you to obtain. But selling these stuff will get you back some of the money you've spent so that you can use them for something else that you actually need at the... Read more

5 Places To Keep an Eye Out for Mould


Mould Colonies Mould is good. Ha! You didn't expect that, did you? Yes, mould is good, it's also natural and even desirable outdoors, but when it makes it's way inside your house, well, that's a whole other story. Outdoors, mould is a natural part of the ecosystem and it plays a large part for the normal functioning of the environment. Indoors, however, mould has the potential to cause serious health issues, like severe allergic reactions, asthma attacks, as well as skin, eye, throat, and lung irritations. Not a pretty picture. So... Read more

5 Alternatives to Watching Game of Thrones


After last week’s memorable episode of Game of Thrones, I asked a colleague of mine whether she watched the show. The answer - a firm "no". And I was stunned by it. I mean, it has everything you’d want in a TV show. So who in their right mind doesn't count the minutes to the next episode/season? Then this happened and I myself began wondering why I was watching it. So I think I'm speaking for the entire Game of Thrones community when I say this: we'll need some serious counselling. People want more of that That was all for... Read more

6 Cleaning Tricks Every Dog Owner Must Know


Sleeping on the Clean Carpet Having a dog is awesome. The only downside is that your best friend requires a great deal of maintenance and your home can be a real mess sometimes. Okay, that's two downsides, but there are no more, I swear. Surprisingly enough, a lot of dog owners seem to neglect that last part of having an animal. And at some point in time, domestic cleaning becomes a real trouble with all the pet hair, stains, and what not. But it doesn't have to be like that. You only need to follow these six quick and simple tricks. #1... Read more

The Ultimate Guide to Car Washing

Car, Wash, Polish, Foam

Ultimate Car Wash Guide When most people hear of washing their cars, the first thing that pops into their heads would be either of going to a car wash or of simply hosing their cars in the driveway. But there's a lot more to car washing than that. Plus, the weekend is coming so washing you car is the perfect excuse for you to slack on helping out your wife with the house cleaning. #1 Find Some Shade First of all, you need to find some shade. No, you're not going to crack a cold one open while enjoying the cool breeze. You need shade... Read more