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Cleaning Innovations Part Two – Winbot


Cleaning, InnovationA few days ago I read that since 1990s the ability of human beings to innovate has significantly dropped. To put it crudely, we invent less cool stuff. But is that really the case?

I would say no. Why? We live in the most exciting times in human history. You want evidence? Mobile technology, self driving cars and we’re on the brink of airspace travels and artificial intelligence. These and much more have made our lives a lot easier, yet we’re constantly in a rush. Trying to balance our lives, our jobs, and among all else, our domestic chores. Most of us are so busy that we hardly find any time for us anymore. And it seems that the majority of us have just come to grips with that reality. But it doesn’t have to be like that.

It’s because of these amazing inventions that we can get the most of the tedious work out of our way.

Let’s take cleaning for example. I seriously doubt that many of you will jump of joy when you have to clean the entire house top to bottom. That’s why you could go online and book a cleaner. See how easy it is? And if you want a more personal touch, why don’t get a cleaning robot for instance.  21st century has seen a lot of innovations in that particular area. Pretty soon we’re going to have a flying house assistant but until then, Winbot will have to do. For those of you who are not yet familiar with it, that’s a clever little gadget that cleans your windows.

Glass Cleaning, WindowsFor a lot of time paper towels, buckets, ladders, and a lot of scrubbing have been the way to get the window cleaning done. But that comes with a level of risk involved. Never tried it, but falling off the third storey of a building couldn’t be that much fun. Hence, the Winbot.

You could just turn it on and let it do the cleaning for you while you relax in your favourite sofa, reading a nice book, or watching TV. Pretty convenient, huh? And there are a lot of these little helpers available on the market. Pretty soon I’m certain we’ll be able to outsource home cleaning to robots. That right here is a pretty solid example of people innovating and making life easier.

Want to learn more about the cleaning innovations of 21st century, stay tuned for another blog post next week.

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