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Preserve Your Sanity While Cleaning


Okay, we know cleaning is boring, tedious, and often nerve-wracking. It’s probably one of the main reasons we are in the cleaning business. But it’s essential unless you want a historically accurate representation of London circa the Bubonic Plague right there in your living room. So if basic survival instinct isn’t enough to get you behind the mop, here’s how to take your mind off of thoughts about putting a torch to your home and calling it a day.

Threat it As Exercise

two monk initiates washing dishes in river

Future badasses

We’ve probably mentioned this before, but we’ll elaborate a bit. Cleaning your home burns calories. Though that’s not the most important thing, since so do reading a book or doing a crossword puzzle. What we mean is an exercise in will and discipline. And if you think that’s not an incentive – Many eastern monasteries use it as a way to train their pupils. Including Shaolin. You may have heard about that one. Wax on, wax off.

Break It Down With Short Rests

angry cat and sad clown

“Are you not entertained, human?”

You are not on a schedule. You don’t have to do the entire body of work in a single breath. Otherwise by the half mark you’d already be dragging yourself half-heartedly through it all, applying insufficient effort to produce tangible results. Clean the kitchen, take a five minute breather, then do the dishes, watch a cat video on YouTube, and carry on to the next task. This way you won’t swamp your mind with how much more cleaning you have to do and discourage yourself. Just whatever you do, do not go to Procatinator. You’ve been warned.


gummy bears

Friendly reminder that fruits don’t have feelings and families. Unlike gummy bears.

Let’s get back to the loss of calories. To evade the settling fatigue from all the swabbing, mopping, and sweeping get some snacks and munch while you go about the task. This way you’ll keep your blood sugar levels which in turn will allow you to retain your energy and flow, and that will make the job be done much faster. Of course you will have to pick the right snacks. Pick ones that don’t crumble and are light enough to not make you drowsy. We recommend fruit since the fructose will keep you fuelled and energised. Gummy bears are also a good choice if you are intimidated by healthy food.

Listen To A Podcast/Audio book

person sitting curled on floor listening

Love In The Time Of Cholera is obviously not a great choice.

You don’t need your full mental potential to clean, and if you use it while you vacuum around your home – You’re doing it wrong! The work goes much much lighter when you engage your autopilot. To this end we recommend you put on something to listen to. Music works wonders most of the time, but what does it best for us are audio books and comedy podcasts. This way you concentrate on what you’re listening to and be entertained throughout the ordeal. As an added bonus it will make time go by much faster and you can impress your friends at wine tastings with all the books you’ve “read”!

Let Someone Else Do It For You

monk smiling

He’s smiling because someone else is doing the dishes.

Look, we’re not judging here. The world is spinning waaay too fast nowadays, and sometimes we want to get away from this madness. Especially after a Friday when that breakneck spinning becomes especially perceptible and all sounds above 20 decibels feel like there’s an orbital launch taking place between your ears. There’s no shame in admitting you don’t want to bother cleaning. You can make your own pizza, or you can order one if you don’t want to deal with all the motions. Same with cleaning. Viva la capitalism!

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