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Excellent Mattress Maintenance Tips


How to properly clean and care for mattress?

How to Select the Ideal Mattress for You

Do you have a worn-out mattress? Do you feel the need to get a new one? Has your mattress pad aged?

Do you consider getting the best mattress pad in 2020? You have to be smart when selecting such things. The following should be the primary considerations:

  • Lifespan of the mattress – You have to consider the life of the bed you’re getting so that you can be aware of how long it will serve you.
  • Type of the mattress – The kind and design of mattress you’ll get depends on your preference and majorly the design of your bed.
  • Size of your mattress – It’s crucial to consider where you’ll place your mattress. In terms of length by width dimensions, it relies on your bed’s size, but as for the height, you can choose what you prefer.
  • The firmness of the mattress
  • Sleeping positions – If you sleep on your back, a firm mattress to maintain posture will do, and you need a soft one to avoid pressure on the stomach if you sleep on the stomach.
  • Bodyweight
  • Budget

Oh man, they have no covers on? It’s going to be a long night then!

Types of Mattresses

What kind of mattress do you prefer? Here are the different types:

  • Innerspring mattress
  • Mattress memory foam, also known as viscoelastic
  • Latex mattress
  • Air mattress
  • Futons
  • Gel mattress
  • Pillow top mattress.

Tips on How to Care for your Mattress

As we’ve seen, there are multiple kinds; even getting the best won’t guarantee you good services if you don’t care for it. To maximize on the lifeline of your bed, you can practice the following habits to assure you of a long-lasting mattress. As a mattress cleaner, the following should be your frequent deeds.

I’ll have a hard time cleaning and dusting this bed!

Flip and Rotate

After you sleep on your mattress for a while, it tends to form pits, especially at places where you sleep often. It is wise to rotate or flip the mattress to the other side and then put it back in place so that you can allow both sides to be evenly used. This method is ideal for the removable ones. Even though you might have favourite spots while sitting, or a particular sleeping position, or at the edges when tying your shoelaces, ensure that you use all the bed parts.

Quit Jumping on the Bed

If you have an innerspring, you should quit and discourage the young ones in the family from jumping on the bed. This is because by doing so, you can end up damaging the springs used to hold the bed together, which will significantly reduce its lifeline.

Ensure it’s Always Clean and Dry

Proper maintenance will guarantee you excellent service from the possession. Beddings can have dust and stains. The first thing that you should remember when doing mattress cleaning is to strip the bed of the covering sheets so that you can adequately analyze the condition. If there’s dust, you can vacuum the area; if there is a stain, then laundry detergent, water, detergent, water, mattress cleaner spray, and clean cloth will be enough to deal with the stain. If you have a mattress with removable covers, you will have to wash them as well.

All done now, awaiting the sheets to dry up so that I can dress up this bed!

Put Extra Care While Carrying It Around

While carrying them around, especially during general cleaning, you should pay attention to the edges to ensure that they do not get torn. Physical impacts can cause damage, especially at the corner of the doors or any sharp objects.

Get a Cover Sheet Protector, Toppers, or Pads

Are mattress toppers good? Your beddings will live for long if you get a cover, topper, or pad that will keep it away from the dirty agents. These covers act as insulators to dirt, stains, and uneven sunken edges. They fit perfectly well, and others have patterns that offer extra comfort when someone lays on them. Can mattress toppers be washed? Definitely yes! As long as you have the detergents and washing machine, you will have it clean before your bedtime.

Remove the Smells

They can have weird smells at times because of off-gassing, but with some baking soda, you can eradicate all forms of the smells since it is a natural odour neutralizer, and you’ll achieve a uniform scent all through.

The right covers that I needed; I’ll keep my bed clean now!

Check Up on the Mattress Frequently

It is always good to check on the condition every six months and perform the usual maintenance. If it’s beyond repair, you should move on to get a new one.


The first move to make is to get a quality bed that works best for you and meets your taste. Since you will probably spend a lot on it, it is proper if you take great care of them and ensure that it is in excellent condition all through. Please do not wait until you feel like something is wrong with it so that you can try and fix it but try to check on its condition frequently.

What maintenance and care do you do for your mattress? What mattress disposal tips can you share with our readers? Leave a comment!


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