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You can choose to:

We cover virtually the entire city. Moreover, organising a service well in advance increases your chances of receiving a better rate.

You can get free advice from our experienced consultants. Just call us on: 03 8566 7575 now.

The best part about our service is that it is totally flexible, meaning that even if your service ends up taking more time than we originally planned for, you will pay only for the time we spend cleaning. If our professional cleaners spend less time than originally anticipated, your quote will be reduced.

That strictly depends on your personal preferences and service requirements. We deliver literally thousands of services each month and have accumulated sufficient expertise to be able to provide accurate quotes over the phone.

You can pay by cash or credit card - whichever suits you best.

We can send a receipt/invoice to your email address on the same day the service is provided.

We strongly recommend using our professional detergents and equipment so that we can provide the highest quality of cleaning. If you'd rather that we use your own products, that can be arranged as well.

That is entirely up to you. Some people can't make the time to be present, so they opt for leaving a key for us. In those instances, we will follow your instructions as regards where to pick up the key and where to return it to afterwards.

The cleaning products we use are eco friendly and biodegradable. We strive to provide the highest quality of services, therefore using proper detergents is a must.

Yes, all our cleaners are insured, medically certified and police checked. Moreover, we provide follow-up training to our team to further perfect their skills.

Our system is designed for weekly, fortnightly or monthly services only. However, we can be very flexible, so you can reschedule or postpone without any charges. We just need you to give us early notice.

These services can be included in your regular house cleaning upon request for the same hourly rate.

Our regular cleaners are mainly trained to maintain the property. They can wipe over the oven inside and outside if you want them to, but if your appliance needs de-greasing and deep cleaning we'd recommend that you arrange an one-off appointment with one of our specially trained and equipped oven technicians. After that your regular cleaners can simply maintain it as an on-going part of the service.

We have a variety of cleaning teams, including single female, male and combined.